Tough Truck Competitions

Tough trucks are the renowned off-road truck competitions which re conducted at 4x4 truck carnivals and even in few monster truck events. Also known as Pro Arena Trucks, Tuff Trucks and Street Warriors, this form of truck competitions are the downscaled form of the various short courses off road racing contests. Such trucks are run on different monster truck shows around the region. The race tracks can change depending on the promoter and venue. The size of the race tracks can vary to a great extent, for instance, few race tracks can be as huge like any football field while other race tracks can be as little like a hockey rink. Few race tracks have double jumps, uneven/rocker hills, single banzai jumps along with dirt kicker ramps. The availability depends on the promoter and venue. If their synchronization is right, then availability will not going to be a problem. In the recent years, tough truck competitions have been held in S-Style track or Chicago Style/Round E Round Track. Few competitions are held in single pass time trial or with the help of side racing.


The tough trucks originated in the 4x4 clubs. The club members would find their way to cross the obstacles courses and test the competency of the driver and vehicle and thereby proving which racer has the toughest truck of all. During the year 1980, an equivalent contest was incorporated in the 4- wheel party events. This was primarily known as obstacle course competition. For two consecutive years, 1988-89, such events gained immense popularity and hence in the coming year 1990 the Tough Truck competition was organized.

Tough Truck Competitions Photo Quite a number of Tough Truck competitions will be telecasted at the TNN- The Nashville Network. It is held along with other racing events such as Mud Drags and Monster Truck shows. The competitions alter every weekend and a new entry is inevitable at each and every event. The contenders participating are consistent and determine to win the race.


These trucks are called as Street Warriors, adjusted with the requisite safety measures. In few cases, promoters do not make any changes in the vehicle and inserts it in the race according to the demands of the owner. The safety measures include D.O.T helmet and standard seat belt. Though roll cages are hardly essential, still they can act as an additional advantage. The racers driving such vehicle wear neck brace, back brace along with kidney belt since the ride in such vehicles can prove to be very painful. Few customized tough trucks can give some serious competition to the stock class. There is one fact of truck racing and that is stock trucks have defeated Modified trucks quite a number of times.

The modified tough truck engines and suspensions are built for specific reasons. The sole purpose of such tracks is to endure the change in the environment of such race track along with few additional safety improvisations. Almost all of such trucks are built with fiber glass and are structured similar to Sportsman Stock Class in the Pro Short Course Racing.